Dinner Time Story’s 3D Food Adventure

Dinner Time Story’s 3D Food Adventure

The one thing I love about living in London is the abundance of quirky experiences that continue to pop up on a weekly basis.  Just when you think there is nothing left for you to try, London throws something new into the mix, and Dinner Time Story is no exception.

Thanks to LovePopUps London, I was invited to their branch in Shoreditch to experience one of my coolest dining experiences to date.


Dinner Time Story is an immersive and multi-sensory guided culinary experience that fuses together state of the art technology, gastronomic storytelling, and incredible delicacies from around the world.  After finding success in cities such as Dubai, it has now arrived in London.


Following in the footsteps of Italian explorer ‘Marco Polo’, ‘Le Petit Chef’; a tiny thumb sized chef, leads you on a captivating 2-hour journey down the Silk Route collecting ingredients as he goes, for his restaurant in Marseilles, France.  This enchanting journey takes you through the deserts of Arabia, the bustling alleys of India, the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas, and finally to the country of inventions, China, as he discovers the flavours of the world. Guests experience not only the incredible flavours of each dish, but also the sights, sounds, and atmosphere of every location. The food, music, table patterns, and decoration, all change with each chapter, fully immersing the diner into the story through 3D projection and visual mapping.

There is also a lot of humour entwined within the journey as the little chef struggles to lift ingredients, fights a fire breathing dragon in China, and crashes into market stalls in Arabia.  As you go from country to country, and chapter to chapter, the little chef flips the pages of the story book for you, adding to the ‘realness’ of the experience.

It truly is a unique spin on dining and one you all should definitely try! Check out this short video from their website for a snippet on what to expect:


Upon arrival, we were seated next to fellow diners at a long table with the ‘Dinner Time’ story book in front of us.  We opened the book in the centre and an image from the above projector was cast onto the pages.  Le Petit Chef welcomed us to the experience with some comedy, and began his journey to France, to gather ingredients for our first dish of the evening.

On top of the amazing storytelling, the food is unbelievably delicious with a whole host of new and exciting flavours to try, with perfectly paired drinks (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic available) for each dish.

There are a total of six courses; the first three being bite sized appetisers from France, Arabia and India.  The fourth course is a palate cleansing sorbet from the Himalayas, followed by a main dish from China, and a final dessert as the chef returns to Europe.


Amuse Bouche: Truffle Goats cheese & slow roasted tomato on a Gruyere sesame seed biscuit with sweet tomato chutney.  Tuna niçoise tartlet with a soft boiled quail egg


Butter Indian chicken served on a mini poppadum with mini riata.  Cauliflower Pannacotta with a Gobi aloo tartar

I’m already a lover of Indian food, but this was another level! The dishes were full of flavour and definitely showcased the best of India.


Lamb Tagine Croquette in a Pistachio Crumb served with a Harissa & Lemon Dip,

Smoked Aubergine Caviar in a Filo Cup with Baby Ratatouille Garnish, Vino Leaves filled with Rice, Mint, Parsley, Tomato and Onion, cooked in lemon juice with a spicy tomato and cucumber dip

Corn Fed Chicken Kebbeh,


We were given a black box to share between two, which contained a selection of Arabic delights. Despite this, the Arabian dish was probably my least favourite as it just doesn’t suit my palate – I am not used to that many flavours and spices and found it a little overwhelming.


Caramelised Honey and Ginger Duck Breast in a Star Anise Jus

Miso Cod

Szechuan Tofu

Fried Rice

This was my favourite dish of the night.  The cod was cooked to perfection, flaking away onto my fork, as it sat on a bed of fried rice and vegetables.


Pink Grapefruit and Lychee Sorbet.

The palate cleanser was mesmerising to look at, creating a perfect photo opportunity.  We were provided with a jug of water to pour over the dry ice that was situated in the bowl beneath the sorbet, creating a magical mist which resembled the snow of the Himalayan mountains.


Caramelised Saffron Crème Brulee.

Le Petit Chef hopped on our plates to create this sweet sensation in front of our eyes (great to make some notes, if you fancy attempting the dish yourself!).

The food is impeccable and the presentation is exquisite, exemplified by the treasure chest that the Arabian dish arrived in! The flavours complement each other in every dish and remain authentic to that particular region.  The curiosity and excitement is sustained throughout the evening, as you try to guess what your next dish will be, based on the ingredients and clues from ‘Le Petit Chef’.

The decor of the restaurant is also stunning, with vines and flowers entwined across the ceiling, and inspirational quotes on the walls.  A mini menu is provided with each course, along with a book where you can leave reviews and notes in about each course.  This was a nice touch as you could leave your thoughts and feedback, and take a look at what previous diners thought of the experience.


I would definitely recommend Dinner Time Story. I have never dined at a restaurant quite like it.  Not only is the food delicious, but you have six courses of completely different styled dishes. Not only that, but you get to witness the journey of where your food has come from as you follow ‘Le Petit Chef’ on a 3D Projection on your place mat. It is unique and memorable.


For more info on Dinner Time Story and how to book, see their website: Dinner Time Story



*  I received complimentary tickets to review this experience .  Views are my own.


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    That looks awesome. I wish I could find something like that here in DC. Would be a fun date night idea. Thanks for sharing.