Flip Out Trampoline Park: Bouncing Bonanza!

Flip Out Trampoline Park: Bouncing Bonanza!

Last week, I was invited to review Flip Out, the UK’s leading Trampoline Park.  I had a few trampoline classes when I was younger, where I mastered the “seat and twist” move, a front drop, and a good old forward somersault.  Hoping I still had it 15 years on, I headed on down to the Wandsworth branch to give it a go!

Before we could jump, each of us needed to sign a liability waiver which took no more than 5-minutes, although if you want to save time on arrival, the waivers can be completed online in advance. After watching a safety video, and being provided with our non-slip Flip Out socks which increase grip on the trampolines, we were allowed into the park. There were changing rooms and lockers to store belongings, and vending machines to grab water if needed.

The park was huge and luckily for us, we had chosen a quiet slot. Every wall in the venue seemed to be decorated in graffiti, giving it a cool urban vibe, and there were different sections depending on age and activity.  Our first stop was the ‘launchpad’ trampoline area where we could practise our moves and get to grips with the feeling of bouncing again.  At the end of the trampolines was a huge foam pit that people kept jumping in to.  Wanting to give it a try, I did a “run and bounce” and went flying off the trampoline into the pit.  What followed had to be the most difficult task of the entire evening – getting out!  The photo below isn’t staged –that’s actually how I landed! Such a struggle to get out of there!

What I found really cool and unique were their basketball sections.  They have a trampoline runway leading up to a basketball net, where the aim is to perform a “slam dunk”. It’s definitely harder than it looks! There was also what can only be described as a trampoline soft play with end-to-end interconnecting flat and angled trampolines to suit all abilities.  Even the walls were trampolines, so you could choose to bounce off of them or in our case, attempt “wall runs”.

The park caters to all ages and has a separate children’s section for under 5’s.  Since the park was empty, I was allowed to enter the area to have a turn on the slide (yesss).  How under 5’s are brave enough to go on it I have no idea – it’s a 20ft drop slide! I was terrified haha! They make you put on a onesie so you don’t get any burns down the slide (wish that idea was around when I was younger!) and a safety marshall keeps watch to ensure no one runs into the ball pit below.

As well as catering for the less experienced, they also have a separate advanced section which you can only enter if you can perform an unassisted back flip (which may come as no surprise that I cannot), but it was fun watching the ‘pro’s’ do a range of parkour tricks from inside and watching their impressive back flips off stupidly high objects.

Aside from all the trampolines, the park also includes a diner, and an arcades area for those needing a break from bouncing!

My highlight of the evening has to be when I discovered I could still do a front flip! Check it out below!

I’d definitely recommend Flip Out as something different to do on a weekend or on an evening.  We opted for the 1 hour standard jump which gave us free reign of the entire park for 60 minutes.  Personally, I felt an hour was long enough, but if you are taking a group of children, or you are a professional going to practise, then you may need longer.

There are lots of branches to choose from – Flip Out Trampoline Parks are springing up all over the UK and are great fun for the whole family.  They currently have over 65 outlets in 7 countries, with many more planned.  Not only are they fun, but there are plenty of health benefits too.  Just ten minutes on a trampoline equates to thirty on a treadmill!

Check out the Flip Out website to find your nearest park!


*  I received complimentary tickets to review this experience 


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