Putt in the Park

Putt in the Park

I’ve never been a fan of watching or following golf, but my grandad is obsessed with the sport, and used to take me pitching and putting every Wednesday evening when I was younger.  It was there I developed a love for the game, although I have restricted my playing to ‘Mini’ and ‘Crazy’ golf only. Despite that, I’d like to think he taught me a few tricks, so I was delighted to be invited to Battersea to review ‘Putt in the Park’; a 12 hole outdoor putting course last weekend.

What is Putt in the Park?

Putt in the Park opened its first branch in the Summer of 2013 and established itself around the parks of London to create the best miniature golf experience possible.  With three courses across Wandsworth, Battersea and Acton Park, each hole is carefully designed to suit all ages and abilities.

We arrived at noon which worked out really well, as it was still early enough for the course not to be crowded, meaning we didn’t have to spend half of our time queuing.

The course is well laid out, and with 12 holes, it is just the right length, taking approximately 1 hour to complete.  Each par was unique, with its own obstacles and twists including pools of water to avoid (Dan ended up hitting his ball into a stream that flowed through the course, and ended up having to sift out his ball with a fishing net – much to my amusement), and holes were equipped with hills, bridges and jumps, challenging even the most experienced golfer.  Boulders were placed strategically around the course, and tunnels carved their way through rocks, requiring a lot of skill to navigate your ball through, which was a lot of fun.

As oppose to Crazy Golf, which usually consists of quirky hurdles e.g. a windmill that you need to time just right in order to get your ball through, Putt in the Park is a lot closer to the real thing.  I often find that with Crazy Golf, your turn is over really quickly as once you have hit the ball through an object, that’s it usually completed, whereas at Putt in the Park, the course closely resembles a real putting green, with a few natural obstacles thrown in.

Dan started off the course with a hole-in-one which immediately worried me (mainly because I would have to endure the journey home with him if he beat me).  However, I am very happy to announce that his celebrations were short lived and I ended up winning, scoring 41 compared to his 51. Wheyyyy.

Shot of the day has to be this epic hole-in-one I scored – my grandad would be proud…

Aside from all the pitching and putting, there is also an Italian cafe with indoor and outdoor seating that overlooks the course.  We grabbed some food after our game, enjoying a Pizza and Chicken and Avocado salad on their outdoor terrace. The cafe also serves cakes, coffee and lunch so is a great spot to recharge after your game.

I thoroughly enjoyed my afternoon out at Putt in the Park.  It is a great activity to do in the summer, and the best part is you don’t have to book –  you can just turn up on the day and you will be handed your clubs and balls at the desk.



For more info on the course, locations, and how to book, please see their website: https://www.puttinthepark.com/





*  I received complimentary tickets to review this experience 



  1. July 19, 2018 / 1:32 pm

    Insightful blog post! I love mini golf, will check this one out!

  2. July 19, 2018 / 2:13 pm

    this is soooo cute. Ive been watching a lot of golf tournament and its amazing they have that miniature kind. thanks for sharing,

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