SENSAS: A multisensory experience

Sensas is a brand new multi-sensory experience to hit London, where your mind, body, and senses are put to the test. Personally, I’d describe it as the love child of ‘I’m a Celebrity get me out of here’ and ‘Mission Impossible’. For two hours, teams of four to fifteen will compete in a wide range of challenges, where each sense will be pushed to the limit. 

I was invited to try the game out a couple of weeks ago, so I headed down with a group of friends to see what it was all about. Upon arrival, we were greeted by our game master Dan, who walked us through the concept of the games.

As mentioned, the challenges are based on your senses and so they are broken down into the following:

Touch: This was the scariest challenge for me as it took me a while to get past the psychological fear of putting my hand into a box that as far as I was aware, could have a gigantic spider in it. The aim of this game is to feel shapes within the boxes and identify them on a chart. I thought this was the weakest game out of all of the senses as it was hard to determine which way up the shapes were. Maybe it would be good to retrieve an object from the box instead, or feel a household item that you have to identify. Either way, the excitement and fear of putting your hand inside is hilarious.

Taste: The first challenge is all about taste. In complete darkness, you are required to taste an item of food (or maybe even a critter!) and guess what it is. Some of them are relatively easy, others a lot more difficult, but the main obstacle to get over is being brave enough to put something unknown into your mouth. I was terrible at it, but my housemate was pretty good so we managed to score a few points (enough to get a key that would later be converted into money for charity). So, how well do you know your food?

Smell: Next up is a challenge based on your sense of smell. Without giving too much away, there is a room which you enter which contains a lot of boxes and a lot of smells…..can you locate the correct scent for charity? 

Sight: This was the most fun challenge. What is more fun than diving into a giant ball pit?! The concept is simple – find a certain amount of items within a given time. You’ll be surprised how exhausting it is as you try to navigate through the pit.

Hearing: Do you like charades? If so, then this is the challenge for you. Your team is split up into two halves. One half will act out clues through the medium of mime, the other will have to guess. We had a lot of laughs doing this one and it was good to let go and be silly for a change!

Sometimes, it was quite difficult to communicate between the rooms, so I think a microphone or walkie talkie would be a good addition so teams can communicate more effectively. We eventually managed to work out a strategy to get our messages across and ended up completing a decent amount of challenges.

It is a great idea for friends and family, or colleagues at a team building corporate event.

As mentioned above, every challenge you win, you receive a token, which will be converted into a donation that SENSAS makes for its partner charity ‘Disability SNowsport UK’; a charity that supports people with disabilities get back into sports.

There are also some fun photo opportunities along the way.

Top Tips

  • Try to not let your fear overcome you. The timer is ticking so you need to try and not think about what could be inside. Work fast!
  • Bring some socks and a hair tie!
  • Communication is key, so try and speak loudly and clearly
  • Split up when doing the challenges. If you all huddle around the same box, you will waste time.

Sensas is a great game for those wanting to challenge themselves and conquer their fears. I’d definitely recommend heading down with a bunch of friends and putting your senses to the test! Lucky for you, I have a discount code, so use FOOTPRINTS10 for 10% off!

You can check out their website here: SENSAS

Disclaimer: I was invited down to review the SENSAS experience in exchange for a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.